The Importance of Web Design, Development and SEO

Internet has no doubt expanded its reach and seldom is there a place on earth where people still don’t know about it. With the expansion of internet use, there has begun a race between websites. Consumers are consistently expecting every company to have a web presence. In such a scenario, the importance of web design, development and Search Engine Optimization has quadrupled.

In the past, websites were just a formality with little need for custom design. This is no longer the situation; a properly managed and well promoted website earns overnight what a full-fledged marketing team cannot in months. Such is the power of a successfully created and managed website. However, there are a lot of factors that play a crucial role in deciding the fate of a website. These are web design, development and search engine marketing.

Web design is the face of the website and it is the first impression of the product or services you offer. If a website is not appealing then however best, the products or services are, the visitor will bounce to some other similar site.  Thus, a properly designed website with a robust navigation and a command over aesthetics will not only be appeal to the visitor but will also help increase the chances that the user chooses the products or services offered by it.

Web development is another key factor that decides the fate of the website. Originally websites were quite simple looking initially in the absence of improved technology, now a day’s a website needs to not only look great but also offer greater degree of functionalities and a lot of features. If it is for example an e commerce website, the product or services listings as well as their description and cart feature are all presented in an entirely mesmerizing way that the visitor feels compelled to purchase the product or opt in to the services.

Search Engine Optimization is the third pillar on which a website is built. People also call it the mast just as there is one on a ship. It is the SEO that makes the website visible over the internet and on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO has special status today as the number of websites has increased to an immeasurable extent and competition has also increased commensurately. SEO optimizes the website and makes it popular over the internet through exchanging links with other websites. This way the reach of the website increases and so does the traffic.

In such a case, a website is a whole and Web Design, Development and SEO are its integral parts. It is this theory that Baytech Web Design put to its best use in order to produce some of the most mesmerizing, effective and high performance websites and it also makes sure that it works well as on search engines through its infallible SEO.