The Inside Scoop: Keyword Density & Frequency, Partie Un

As we’ve stressed over and over again in our previous blogs, there are significant strategies involved in search engine optimization. Today, we will talk about two of four particular strategies that can make a considerable different in helping your keywords show up in search. Keyword density, frequency, prominence and proximity are the four primary subjects.

  1. Keyword Density:
    The percentage of keywords that can be found in the content of one your pages that is also indexable text refers to “keyword density. The percentage is debatable but conservatively a density of between two to four percent is conservative, while exceeding ten percent is definitely not and highly recommended against.For good keyword density use them in

–          the title

–          the description

–          the H tags

–          the content, but evenly and naturally distributed without coming off as too “spammy.”

  1. Keyword Frequency:

Keyword frequency is as exactly how it sounds. It refers to the number of times a keyword is used on a website. You would think that the more times a keyword or keyword phrase is found on a website, the better the ranking. Wrong. Don’t abuse the system or search engines will penalize you and mark you off as spam. Again, use the same strategy as for good keyword density listed above.
Stay tuned for the second half of “The Inside Scoop.” Partie Deux coming soon.



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