Use Pictures and Videos to Strengthen Your Visibility

As people perform their online searches, there are things in the SERP’s that will catch their eye more than just a typical search entry. The displaying of pictures and videos are powerful and will capture their attention. When used correctly, this display can help you with your Web branding.

More than 33% of people will click on a picture when it is displayed in the SERP’s. About half of that will click on a video picture when displayed. This makes it a powerful tool when taken advantage of in your online branding.

The next step is obvious. Since people are more prone to click on a picture or video in the search results, it means that you need to get yours online as soon as possible.

Using the new microformats and RDF will help you to do just that and it will give you quick visibility. Follow the steps needed to get it online and make sure you get it right for quicker results. Before you do that, however, make sure that it fits into your existing branding strategies – or adjust it so that it does. You should have a clear plan and goal in mind. The plan will enable it to be more effective overall and not simply something tacked on with no real purpose.

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