Web 2.0 – The New Hype

Web 2.0 is the latest buzz-phrase going around the Internet.  Just about everyone has heard the phrase “Web 2.0,” but what is it exactly?  Web 2.0 refers to interactive web design and web development.  This includes social networking sites, interactive websites, blogs, user-generated content, and more – just to name a few.  This is in stark contrast to the previous schema of designing websites in a static manner.

In short, Web 2.0 is about conversation and interaction as opposed to the one-way proliferation of information.

A key feature of Web 2.0 is custom web application development.  Users can now manipulate and change the data in websites – they can change their Facebook profiles in real time “tweet” from Twitter, and modify Wikipedia changes.  Web 2.0 is defined by the ability of users to manipulate data on websites in real time.

Web 2.0 is here to stay, so it is absolutely imperative that you integrate the technologies and capabilities of Web 2.0 into your online presence.  After all, if your users have a reason to continue coming back to your website, then they’ll be more and more likely to buy your services and become a customer.

People use the Internet as a way of obtaining value.  As someone establishing an online presence, it’s your job to provide that value to your customers online if you’re going to succeed in this rapidly changing marketplace.  That’s where Baytech Web Design comes in.

At Baytech Web Design, we’re well-versed in the technologies, sensibilities, and best-practices of Web 2.0.  We’ll consult with you to learn more about your needs, and then we’ll help you establish a Web 2.0 presence that will keep your users coming back for more.  By giving your customers a reason to come back, you will have already converted a visitor into a prospect.