Web Development and Design: The Creative Process

The process of beginning a website development project is a complex one, and it begins with a little bit of brainstorming.  Before brainstorming begins, however, it’s important for a web design and development team to do a few preliminary things.

First, a web development team should consider things such as the audience, goals, competition, and budget of the website that’s being created.  If these things are not known at the beginning of a project, it’s highly unlikely that the project will be successful, since a huge factor to the success of a web development project is understanding the many factors that will contribute to the usability and success of the project.

Once the pre-work is finished, it’s time for the brainstorming sessions.  During brainstorming, let all the ideas flow – don’t censor anything just yet.  Take very detailed – yet useful – notes during the brainstorming sessions, and realize that everyone in the brainstorming meetings brings something useful and unique to the table.

After brainstorming, you should take the creative briefs to your creative team, and show technology notes to the development team.  At this point, let them “work their magic” and design mockups (for the creative team) and workflows (for the development team).

One last thing – make sure you don’t use too much flash on your websites.  Your creative team will want to, but let the development team come up with alternatives.  This may seem like an esoteric thing to bring up, but it’s useful to have that set down as a standard before brainstorming begins rather than once the development begins.

If you keep these principles in mind before work on your project begins, you’ll be in top shape for a successful web development project.  Luckily, Baytech Web Design uses this model for allowing creativity to flow already, so if you choose Baytech Web Design for your web development or website design project, this process will be utilized by our own teams to create the most creative and most highly-personalized websites imaginable.