Your Website Is Your Brand

Your corporate identity is more than just a logo on a Web site. The truth is that your Web site itself is also a part of your brand. This makes it very important that you apply branding strategies to it just as you do to everything else in your business.

Branding goes way beyond merely providing people with a name they can recognize. It actually should result in people who would rather buy from you than your competition, and it means that people would seek you out first – even searching for your company’s Website by name.

Effective branding strategies for a Website need to include the following:

1. A Top-notch Design

Many companies settle for a Web design that may look good, but it may also convey a subtle message through its choice of color’s, fonts, words, used, etc., that is working against the impression you want to create. Everything should work together to create a positive lasting impression.

2. Get a Domain Name as Part of Your Brand

If you are serious about your Web branding, then your domain name should identify you as being that brand. It should be as close as possible to the name of your company so that it leaves no doubt in people’s minds as to who you are.

3. Provide Free Information

You want to offer some kind of information or newsletter to people so that they are willing to let you send them something regularly. One effective way to do this is to offer a free Ebook, or newsletter with information that your customers will consider valuable. This will enable you to repeatedly present your logo and message to them on a regular basis.

4. Use Branded Autoresponders

When people sign up for your newsletter or Ebook, be sure that you have an autoresponder message ready to send them an automatic email with your branding on it. It should have your logo and your Website address on it – as a way to start building your online branding in their minds immediately.

Baytech is ready to help you develop a more powerful company brand. Our branding strategies have been proven to work with companies of all sizes. Contact us today and let us enable you to start seeing a difference.