Breaking the Mold – the Secret to Creative PPC Ad Copy

It’s easy to get started with PPC internet marketing. So easy, in fact, that when you type any phrase into your favorite search engine and compare the PPC ad results, you’ll likely find that many companies have piggy-backed their competition and generated boring replicas of existing ads.


No matter your query, the PPC ad placements likely have similar, keyword stuffed copy. But effective web marketing requires more than copying the competition to improve click through rates (CTR) and quantify PPC costs.


With only a couple of sentences to describe your company or product, it’s easy to see why many PPC campaigns are similar. But do you have to be a clone? We don’t think so. Baytech Web Design has helped many companies improve their click conversions and PPC ROI by closely examining and adjusting PPC ad placements.


Every PPC ad you create is assigned a quality score based on the click through rate (CTR). This makes sense – if an ad is being clicked more often than another, it’s probably well written and more relevant. So what factors influence clicks? One of the most important is the headline.


Think about headlines you click when you’re searching the web or reading the news. Research the most popular headlines being shared on social media sites. How do those headlines incite interest and get clicks? It’s doubtful that they’re stuffed with keywords, written in all-caps or just copies of another. Instead, they might use rhyme or another literary device to get attention, or use powerful words like “groundbreaking” or “ultimate.”


Copying your competitors PPC ads will probably not get the conversion rate you want. Instead, let the internet marketing professionals at Baytech Web Design help you improve PPC CTR by giving your ad placements a groundbreaking makeover. Call or email today for your free consultation.