17 Sep 2020

Google to send alerts for 404, 403, 503 Errors

Google webmaster tools are no doubt the best way to manage website on Google. Where it shows the performance of the site on Google for various keywords, it also gives information about the demographics of the visitors.  Along those same lines, it also includes an in-depth analysis of the visitors in a specific period. Google […]
16 Sep 2020

Video: Baytech Webs: Web Design and Branding Video

——————————————— ABOUT BAYTECH WEB DESIGN  Baytech Digital is a global, full-service web development and internet marketing firm. Rated the number one web development firm of 2008 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Baytech Digital offers a full range of web services to entrepreneurs to enterprise level clients. As a winner of the Horizon Interactive Award, this dedicated team of […]
8 Sep 2020

Increasing ROI and Building Your Business

It seems that many people today are ignoring SEO and SEM altogether. When you realize that for some Websites up to 90% of all traffic comes through the search engines, then you may be able to understand why these are so important. Most everyone will use a search engine to find the information they want. […]
4 Sep 2020

Out-of-the-box Layouts

Somebody had to do it. While many of the other designs talked about so far have largely been copies of media forms elsewhere, somebody had to go and do something new. These are the out-of-the-box layouts of Web design. Out-of-the-box layouts were inevitable. It really was just a matter to time. Some have done well […]

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