SEO Website Design – Starting with the Basics

When laying out your Website for maximum search engine optimization, it is essential that you start with the foundation and build from there. This means that if there is an existing Website, that all elements of each page will need to be evaluated to ensure that right foundation. Otherwise, adding onto an incorrect structure will help you only in a limited way.

Good SEO strategies must start with the basics if your site is to become friendlier to the search engines. Since not all search engines use the same algorithms, you want to largely use a framework that will be W3 compliant, such as HTML, XML, CSS, and DOM. For top search ranking in each of the search engines, following this basic principle will help ensure that they will be able to recognize your SEO work.

A lot of businesses and individuals seek to incorporate the fancy aspects of Web design – such as flash. In doing so, they often sacrifice good SEO strategies for elegance sake, and this can lead to lower page rank because some (if not most) search engines cannot read the more recent coding styles. Baytech Web Design can show you how to be fancy in your Web design and still come out ahead with the search engines.

By sticking to the more basic elements, you ensure greater visibility to the search engines – and better SERP results. You want to use HTML for your important content, your structure, and for your navigation. Provide anchor text that describes the object well, and use shortened links to ensure ease of indexing. Links that are too long may be defeating your purpose with some search engines. Aim for simplicity and you will be more attractive to the search engines.

Baytech Web Design is a company that can help you with proven SEO strategies. We have enabled companies of all sizes to be search engine friendly and to improve their bottom line. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do.