Google expanding the Panda reach

Since the last few months, Google updates are creating chaos among the SEO world. With all the link warnings last week, on 24th July Google announced another update via Twitter. The update Says:

“New data refresh of Panda starts rolling out tonight. ~1% of search results change enough to notice. More context:”

— A Googler (@google) July 24, 2012

Google rolled out panda update last year in the month of February, since than Google has been routinely rolling out updates for their algorithm. The time period between the updates varies – sometimes it rolled out within few days, and sometimes there have been a gap of several weeks between the updates.

Panda update was rolled out by Google to reward “high-quality” websites. In its effort to show more relevant results, Google debuted panda algorithm update to Japanese and Korean languages, Google updated about the rollout in one of the tweets.

The rollout didn”t impact any other languages, and less than 5 percent of search queries are affected by this rollout.

“We”re launching Panda for Japanese & Korean. <5% of queries affected (no other languages affected today).”