Mobile Traffic Is Rising Fast, Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

With new mobiles with advanced features entering the market every few days, the speculations were that mobile searches would only be 10% but mobiles are generating maximum traffic on search engines. A recent survey has revealed that over 25-30% paid clicks in retail and automotive sectors are that of mobiles. Smartphones and tablets are leading these clicks. Another important factor that came to the fore from a survey is that smartphones and desktops have the same ROI and so ad marketers are not willing to pay much for them rather they pay more for tablets as the ROI is 70% more than those on desktops.

There are certain tips given by market leaders for making mobile search program effective like one should build tablet and Smartphone specific campaigns, things beyond brands also work. An analysis of traffic trends on mobile should be done first and then any campaign should be formed. The sites should be mobile friendly so that the sites can be easily opened and used through phones. Mobiles have captured the world in them and these strategies would help users create good ads and get maximum ROI’s for them.