Modal Boxes

New trends are popping up all over this year. This means that Web sites are changing and giving Webmasters new tools to tinker with so that they can get that “just right” look. Web design continues to develop rapidly, and modal boxes are one more new tool.

A modal box is a box that enlarges when the user clicks on a particular option. They certainly are a type of advanced pop-up that has a better look and is more practical. Unlike a more traditional pop-up, is the fact that a modal box helps users and they only appear when clicked on. They are user initiated.

Modal boxes are much more tolerable than some pop-ups because the user must activate them. Either they agree to sign-up for something, or choose to log-in, or something similar.

The box is often partly transparent which seems to make them less offensive. Even better, though, is that they also have a “Close” button which helps the user to not feel intruded upon, too.

The boxes are being used for a variety of purposes, and not just for signing up. Some use them to provide definitions of terms on the Website. Another company may use them to provide a number of options, or links, with some thumbnail views. Many things are possible with this new Website design feature.

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