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Baytech Builds Branding Success with Retail Solutions Leader

As a leader in software and service solutions for retail industries ranging from automotive aftermarket to industrial and electrical distribution to the power players in pharmaceutical retail, Activant is the retail solution of choice in over 15 global markets. In their pursuit to expand marketing outreach and build greater brand equity, Activant hand-picked Baytech to formulate an additional, graphic-rich microsite to further their solid branding practices.

Develop a microsite that that would appeal and attract a new set of clientele while staying true to the Activant brand.

In order to cater the site to a new demographic, Baytech engaged the Activant market research team for an exhaustive review of how to appeal to the targeted C-level executives; keeping in touch with the branded Activant business plan. What was agreed upon during the partnership brainstorm session was that C-Level executives widely fit into an active and outgoing lifestyle niche. Baytech took the helm and steered the project in a creative direction of appealing to the open feeling of being outdoors, free and on top of the world. The project design was a metaphor for Activant itself. Baytech created a custom layout and inventive interactive design, including an advanced flash banner that would increase return visitors to the site. The end product perpetuated the brand’s “top of the market” positioning and lent a refreshing, unique feel to the site, keeping content short but concise for busy executives.

With the help of Baytech’s creative team of designers and project managers, Activant was able to successfully break into a profitable new demographic, increasing their market share and exponentially building brand equity. This has made Activant a fiscally attractive commander in partnerships and solidifies their position on top in their industry.