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AdvanTel Networks

Baytech Revamps AdvanTel Networks’ Website.

Founded in 1984, AdvanTel Networks has worked to provide world-class IT solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes. Providing the highest quality in integrated voice and data solutions to their worldwide clients has meant that AdvanTel has had to stay up to date on all of the latest technological advances. From knowledge and years of experience, AdvanTel has become a premier technology provider that designs, implements, and maintains powerful converged communication solutions such as contact centers, project management, additional voice solutions, VoIP, security, LAN/Wireless/Wan, consultation and other integrated service solutions.

AdvanTel, looking to revamp it’s out of date website, brought in the experts at Baytech to produce a custom built website to enhance its online presence. With the website being a key tool for their marketing, the website needed to better communicate all of AdvanTel’s vast service offerings to potential customers.
In order to design the best possible website, Baytech worked extensively with AdvanTel on every minute detail. Each element on the new website would have to fit with AdvanTel’s brand image and the navigation needed to be organized in order to provide potential customers with clear access to the company’s services.
Baytech is honored to have worked with a world-class IT solutions company and looks forward to working with them on future web development projects.