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Big Joe Lift

Baytech Digital Continues to Develop E-commerce Portals for Big Joe Lift

Big Joe Lift provides a complete turnkey solution for material storage and transport needs. Located in Hayward, CA, Big Joe Lift understands that the most critical factor in owning equipment is uptime—when business equipment stops working, revenue streams dry up. Big Joe Lift ensures long-lasting partnerships by supplying superior service and support for all the products they provide. Since Big Joe Lift offers unique services that include a full range of pallet and product storage systems, the company entrusted Baytech to redevelop their e-commerce portal along with a rebrand to help them stand out from their competition.    

As Big Joe Lift has been in business for over 60 years, they required an e-commerce portal that established them as Bay Area leaders in material storage and transport. Because Big Joe Lift offers a unique range of products and services, they required a proprietary e-commerce engine. Once we began development, our team integrated their API to their third-party Hub staff marketing platform. And, in order to help Big Joe Lift stand out from their competition, we developed a custom frontend for their e-commerce portal. In addition to the custom frontend, we developed Restrict Access Control (RAC) protocols for different levels of users. As we finished development, our team provided complete training and support for their staff. We completed this project with a dynamic messaging and branding campaign.   

  • Build a proprietary e-commerce engine.
  • Convert their basic HTML pages to a modern e-commerce portal.
  • Integrate the API with their Hub staff marketing platform.
  • Design a custom frontend.
  • Restrict access control for multiple levels of users.
  • Collaborate with Big Joe Lift’s team and provide training and support.
  • Launch a messaging campaign.

Since Big Joe Lift entrusted Baytech Digital to develop a complete e-commerce portal, our team analyzed the project scope and deliverables prior to kickoff. Our daily Scrum meetings set up the context for each day’s deliverables. As our team worked closely with Big Joe Lift’s management, we integrated the content management system (CMS) to their proprietary API. Additionally, we set up the infrastructure for future enhancements. Because Big Joe Lift offers a wide variety of equipment, we developed twelve custom modules that showcased their services. The custom modules included rental management features, custom search fields, enterprise products, etc. So they could reestablish themselves as Bay Area leaders in material storage and transport, we developed a dynamic brand that tells Big Joe Lift’s story of providing material storage and transport solutions for over 60 years.    

We delivered Big Joe Lift’s e-commerce portal within three months. With optimized keyword searches, our messaging campaigns increased web traffic to their site. Ultimately, our team worked closely with Big Joe Lift’s team so our ecommerce features could be easily maintained by their web administrators.