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American Packaging

Custom Web Application from Baytech for American Packaging

American Packaging is a leading company that provides packaging services for any and all situations and customers, whether industrial or individual. It is a company with nearly 40 years of experience in the field and is known for being a small enterprise with a big dream. It provides valued packaging services for just about anybody. Their fast, precise service is matched by their ability to deliver results of the highest quality, with the best technology of the age to help them on their way.

Baytech was the selected partner to help American Packaging expand its reach to a national level using a highly advanced custom web application. The most important requirement of the company was that there be a constant demand for their services on an industrial level. Without this, the profitability would be greatly impacted. An effective marketing strategy was required to be integrated into the website being developed for more sales to be conducted within the target market.
The solutions presented by Baytech during the development of the web application included the integration of a responsive design for a higher level of access in an increasingly mobile world. This provided customers with the image of cutting-edge technology at American Packaging.
The design was done in a corporate format in order to inspire confidence in potential consumers visiting the application, all of which was incorporated into a custom-made WordPress website theme which would allow for increased customization.
Spikes in sales and profits were noticed immediately, along with a higher rate of customer satisfaction. Trust was inspired in visitors to the site, allowing for a more solid customer-retailer relationship that would result in brand loyalty and a word of mouth marketing campaign spreading like wildfire.