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DLS Hotel

Baytech Designs a New Website for DLS Hotels

DLS Hotels & Spas is a multi-disciplinary hospitality development firm offering services from brand conceptualization, market strategy, design and development, and new product launch. They have worked on various ultra-luxury hospitality design projects and they approach each project from the owner/operator’s perspective to create exceptional experiences for the guests. Their design and development solutions are calculated to elicit emotion that drives the guests to generate repeat business and spread word of mouth.

Back in 2008, DLS Hotels and Baytech collaborated on the design of a new website for DLS Hotels. Since DLS Hotels target clients were more of the higher end luxury hotels, Baytech designed their website to capture a more elegant style that would be more appealing to the targeted audience. Using advanced web design languages like CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and PHP, Baytech created an aesthetically pleasing branded website that fit with DLS Hotels brand image. To ensure that content could be created, and updated much more easily, Baytech implemented a custom content management system. In all, the DLS Hotels and Spas new website featured:
  • Custom website design
  • The new content management system
Baytech is glad to have worked with DLS Hotels & Spas and looks forward to working with them on future web development projects.