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All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) is an innovator in the design, construction, and advancement of foam composite insulated metal panels. It positioned to meet the growing energy, environmental and economic challenges facing the North American building industry.

AWIP’s site was launched with small organic traffic when Baytech began to rebranding its site and set strategies to promote the new website.  Subsequently, it had zero online web presence and was not indexed for any keywords nor had any existing marketing venues to get the word out about its product and services by then. 

With potential AWIP clients across the San Francisco Bay Area, Baytech structured the campaign to target nationwide audiences effectively. Baytech targeted geographically related keywords to bring in visitors who are interested in Wall Panels, Roof Panels & Decks and Fire Rated Panels specifically its locations, and also targeted more general keywords to challenge the industry leaders in building materials industry. 

After 6 months of Baytech’s search engine optimization campaign, AWIP saw the following results:

  1. Organic traffic increased 156%
  2. Organic keyword presence increased 540%
  3. Non-brand related keywords increased more than 59% (even more non-brand related keywords brought in new visits due to the tremendous increase in organic keyword presence)

Baytech achieved the first page rank for a selection of these highly competitive keywords, bypassing businesses that have been visible online for years and bringing in many additional new visits to the site to learn more about AWIP products and services.