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Wholesaler Increases Visibility and Conversion with Baytech’s Comprehensive Digital Marketing Approach


Above Board Electronics collaborated with a wholesale distributor to enhance the distributor’s visibility and conversion rates through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The plan consisted of search engine optimization, social media advertising and Google Local business promotion boosting engagement through organic posts.

The majority of the promotion efforts were allocated to national social media optimization and link building aimed at driving conversions by attracting new leads and reconnecting with previous users through social media campagins. Baytech Digital also helped the distributor create consistent content for their social media profiles to improve visibility through organic impressions.

As a result, ABE saw a 550% increase in traffic, a 30% increase in clicks and engagement, and most notably, a 250% increase in conversions. Although Above Board Electronics acknowledged that the campaign was running alongside the company’s optimized user experience design and rebranding of the website, the majority of new conversions originated from the three in one channels.