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Keypoint Credit Union

The KeyPoint Credit Union in California was looking for someone to direct their marketing
campaigns. Baytech was selected to conduct a comprehensive online marketing campaign
which included Pay Per Click (PPC) and a streamlined SEO campaign. The KeyPoint Credit Union is one of California’s largest, with more than $896 million in assets and 80,000 members. Many of its members come from high tech industries such as Apple, Google, Cisco, and more.
The company discovered that many of its visitors were visiting the site but only with keywords that pertained to the specific company name. Of course, this left an entire online market largely untouched.
Competitors such as the Bank of America and Wells Fargo were competing for the same
keywords, so this meant that Baytech faced an exceptional challenge. Baytech optimized the
campaign for an area running between Sacramento and Santa Barbara. Several specific keywords were selected, which would increase KeyPoint’s organic page ranking and enable greater lead capture.
While Baytech was running the SEO campaign for KeyPoint to increase long-term Internet presence, the credit union also wanted to run a one-month summer promotion for auto loans. A complete PPC campaign was created to run for two weeks, after completing a key landing page the design which had a prominent call-to-action for visitors.