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VISA Corporation

Baytech Develops a Secure and Sophisticated Web Application to VISA

Baytech built a web application to promote the Integrated Circuit Card Specification for Payment Systems, the chip em called EMVCo, which needed to be rebuilt the full system and integration with multiple web portals with a new UX design and system implementation to engage users to promote the em chip.

EMVCo, owned by American Express, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa, manages, maintains and enhances the EMV® 1 Integrated Circuit Card Specifications to build global interoperability of chip-based payment cards with acceptance devices including point of sale terminals and ATMs. The company manages and enhances the EMVR1® Integrated Circuit Board Specifications, ensuring global interoperability of chip-based payment cards including point of sale terminals and ATMs.

Baytech Webs engaged to create a plan and execute the plan with the development of interactive UX design with full backend functionalities. Based on the specific requirements, Baytech recommended a high-level CMS system integrated with an advanced query system, a global internal scheduling system, a full payment invoicing system, and several third-party systems.

Part of the solution involved with Baytech was to develop a dynamic interface that allowed multiple users to access the system with the highest security measures used to prevent financial information from getting into the wrong hands. Along with the outstanding design and user interface, the CMS that was implemented helped allow for easy updates throughout the site.

The results seen by EVMCo was a site that was streamlined, the best user experience as well as meeting with full dynamic backend functionalities. The final system also resulted in the very fast query when users searched for various data while being secure for the very highest of security standards for the financial sector. In addition, the Content Management System and a custom global scheduling system that EVMCo use for its everyday operation needs.