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Baytech Designs an Intriguing Website for Tanduay

Tanduay is a brand of Asian rum that has fast become one of the most asked for in the world for its mystery and its colorful history. Indeed, with 160 years behind it, the Tanduay rum brand is one of the most recognized anywhere and is revered for the sheer quality and the unique method of production that the distillery employs. They use the sugarcane plant in order to distill some of the finest blends of rum that the world has ever seen. Their main distillery is in the Philippines, where only the best sugarcanes grow, and this is part of what has made the Tanduay line one of the most desired anywhere. They have a wide range of products under their belt, all of which have been made with the best of care and precision, and the whole process is one of the very highest quality. However, the problem that a lot of people in the western hemisphere were having was that the Tanduay line was rarely available in the US and other countries. Recently the company decided that it was time to bring its rum to the commercial market in the US. However, one does not simply waltz into the consumer market of the USA without being prepared to deliver effective marketing and information to possible customers. With a range of rums that are among the finest anywhere, this shouldn’t be a problem for Tanduay anymore.

Baytech puts the classic Tanduay rums on the A List in the US Baytech Digital was quite pleasantly surprised when Tanduay Rums approached them to ask for a great informative website to be designed for their entrance into the US market. This is exactly what Baytech did. The website that was designed was in keeping with the brand that the client came from, mixing modernity and classic elegance in one beautiful cocktail. Baytech also helped in the design and development of the retail branding and advertising that Tanduay USA would use to make sure that rum lovers across the nation would be attracted to their blends, and presented this on the website in a very attractive manner indeed. This meant that anyone at all could view the range of products in one of the most fun ways possible, and even find out some funky recipes for cocktails using the rum.

In addition to all this, Baytech also created a system wherein the maintenance of the new website for Tanduay would be so easy that even the company itself could do it without outside help creating a far more user-friendly interface on both sides of the website. To make Tanduay easier to find, Baytech carried out specialized social media optimization too, so that anyone would be able to see the premier brand of old rums on their social media platform with ease. To put the cherry on the cake, Baytech’s minimalistic, interactive website for Tanduay also featured a page dedicated to additional content, such as various happenings all over the country and the world that Tanduay was involved in, along with an attractive history of some of the best rum in the world.