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Baytech Designs a Custom-made Website and Online Store for Pruvin Dietary Supplements

Pruvin is one of the market leaders in dietary supplements for weight loss and muscle building. Created based on 14 years of research by Vitavis Laboratories Inc., this innovative product is used to increase metabolism using natural ingredients. These ingredients help to burn fat faster for increased energy. It is definitely something the consumerist public needs.
There are quite a few challenges that Pruvin faces when it comes to making a profit. For example, they need to inspire confidence in their product from prospective customers. They also need to effectively manage their supply chain. Customers need to be able to shop easily with
the company instead of having to go through a roundabout process. In a digital world, Pruvin also needs to be able to provide online shopping services to their market, which spans most of the U.S. Solutions.
Baytech Digital was called in by Pruvin to provide a comprehensive online solution to all of the challenges that they faced. In order to accomplish this objective, the first step was to design a fully-functional online store and an engaging website. In order to inspire customer confidence, information had to be presented in a short, yet powerful manner on the website while providing factual evidence of the effectiveness of their product.
As a result of the new website, Pruvin saw a rise in first-time customers, owing to the parallax design and the way information was being provided to them. The pictorial proof that Pruvin had real results was a real game-changer, convincing customers like never before. The ease of online shopping meant that the middle-man (retail stores) was cut out, allowing for easier delivery of products.