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Solar Tech

Solar Tech is an initiative of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. Their goal is to resolve the technical and market barriers that hinder the widespread adoption of solar energy for residential and commercial systems. The organization is composed of industry leaders that work together to drive actionable solutions that reduce costs, support innovation, and develop a solid foundation for rapid solar industry growth.

Solar Tech came to Baytech Digital to create a website that would increase a branded web presence and create a user-friendly navigation experience that is supportive of it’s In addition, the company strived to create an online community for the supporters of their cause.

Baytech Digital created an information-rich website that has a dynamic document management system, content management system and robust social networking functionality. The overall purpose of these functions is to promote information sharing, create resources, and further develop an online community around the entire solar energy industry. A team of Baytech Webs’ highly trained web developers collaborated to combine several technologies and internet programming languages to create a complete turnkey solution. They used Joomla to create a complete, dynamic content management system that allows Solar Tech staff to easily access and change any needed information. For the social media aspect of the website, Baytech Digital’s developers created a social networking dashboard that allows users to connect with other members and share news, information, pictures and more. In order to manage documents, Baytech Digital’s team created the dynamic document management system, which kept hundreds of documents easily organized to publish to the many resource pages on the site.

Within two months, Baytech Webs was able to deliver a complete turnkey social media solution. With robust functionality, the website helped engage users and inform individuals interested in the Solar Tech’s cause. Also, users were able to connect with each other, share photos, information and more. The staff at Solar Tech were able to easily update content, manage users and further promote their cause through the internet.