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Tessera Technologies

Baytech Develops Corporate and Subsidiaries Websites for Tessera Technologies

Tessera is a publically traded company innovating at the speed of life. Based in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, Tessera develops and licenses their technology and intellectual property to clients who implement Tessera’s products for use in mobile devices, memory, data storage, and 3-D Integrated circuits (3DIC). When Tessera was founded in 1990 by former IBM scientists, the company specialized in semiconductor packaging; however, the company has since expanded into computer vision, computational imaging, and wafer/DIE bonding, among other cutting-edge technologies. As part of its expansion, Tessera acquired companies such as FotoNation, which specializes in image and video analysis and enhancements. Tessera also established Invensas, which develops sound and imaging technologies. Because of Tessera’s growth and impeccable reputation, the world’s leading semiconductor companies, Intel and Samsung Electronics, have licensed Tessera’s chip packaging solutions. Tessera hired Baytech to develop and manage the FotoNation and Invensas websites.

Because Tessera was growing its business model by acquiring and establishing new companies, their team was struggling to finish each of their microsites and unifying their acquisitions into one appropriate brand. Tessera contracted Baytech to provide market strategies as well as establish corporate brands. Tessera’s goal was to align their two microsites—FotoNation and Invensas. So Tessera clients could interact with their microsites under one brand and voice, our central challenge was to create a unifying brand for their businesses.

  • The Tessera team was struggling to finish their microsites
  • Develop a brand that unifies Tessera’s different businesses
  • Create a seamless experience for Tessera’s clients

Since Baytech creates marketing campaigns and branding solutions for many of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, our team quickly went to work enhancing Tessera’s brand. To integrate Tessera’s career and news portals, we centralized their system by customizing all modules along with third-party web services. With the RSS feed, third parties can integrate to Tessera’s pressroom at Tessera.com. So Tessera, FotoNation, and Invensas could share white papers and other documents with their users, our team built a sophisticated content management system. In order to maintain a single brand and voice, we developed a product management system with galleries displaying Tessera’s different businesses alongside each other. 

Tessera’s three different content management systems now have a centralized solution. Because we unified Tessera’s different microsites, the company’s content and product management systems can integrate with third-party platforms. And we successfully integrated with Tessera’s API which allows data responses to connect to Tessera’s main website. As Tessera now has a consistent brand identity, their customers are more likely to understand Tessera’s products and services which will allow the company to further innovate at the speed of life. And in the most recent news, Xperi acquired Tessera.