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Baytech Creates a Multilingual Website for InvenSense that Spans the Globe

InvenSense is a world leader for intelligent sensor system on chip solutions for Motion and Sound sensing. Its products can be found in a variety of smart mobile and industrial devices and machines, including vehicle safety systems. It supports the needs of the mass consumer market and is on a mission to cross the globe with their cutting-edge products.

The demand for InvenSense depends on the needs of the companies and governments that are its typical clients. While there is a large demand, there is also a large supply. This means that InvenSense needs to lead the market with eye-catching branding and website design. They came to Baytech for the best solution for their issues, which include the need for a multinational corporate website with an attract I’ve design that gives information in a well thought-out manner. This would effectively eliminate the competition in order to improve the efficiency of the company.

Baytech took upon the InvenSense project and turned its website into an absolutely amazing user experience. Using an innovative parallax design for background image motion during the scrolling through the site, Baytech turned a boring website into one that was full of life. In addition to this, the translation was made ready through the use of .po files so that the website could be accessed by people from different countries with the same needs.

The inclusion of the translation and language support in the design of the new InvenSense website allowed people of different nationalities who had the same system on a chip needs to access the InvenSense service range and website. All the information was presented in a very intriguing manner, while the parallax design of the site served to increase the rate of customer conversion by adding action to the experience.