North County Transit District

Baytech develops a mobile website for the North County Transit District of San Diego


North County Transit District (NCTD) offers services that are a vital part of San Diego’s regional transportation network. NCTD moves more than 12 million passengers annually by providing public transportation for North San Diego County. The NTCD strives to deliver safe, convenient, reliable, and user-friendly transportation through their transit services which include commuter rail service, light rail service, and buses.

With the growing amount of its users with access to smartphones, the NCTD addressed the demand for mobile-friendly access to route information by deciding to hire Baytech to create a mobile version of its website. Thanks to input from the NCTD, Baytech was able to create a new mobile website that enabled users to easily access key information. The interface was highly functional and practical for commuters as information was accessible with only a few clicks.
Baytech’s successful design gave both English and Spanish speaking commuters of San Diego the advantage of being able to access, check, plan, and change their daily commute from the convenience of their smartphone.

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